A place where  Fashion meets Investment                                                                  HandCrafted jewelry using Natural Gold Nuggets from Alaska



Thank you for taking time to visit us. We would like to share some interesting facts about natural gold nugget jewelry,why we love it and believe you will also. The gold we find and use for our jewelry averages 20kt-23kt pure. Natural gold from mother nature is rare,unique and beautiful,it has the added benefit of being a great investment! besides when has gold or silver been worth Zero? Our jewelry is handcrafted into designs you will not see in traditional stores or malls, the nuggets you will see here are just as they came from Alaska's mountain streams and no two are exactly the same. Gold nuggets of any size are so rare that mining companies will not process them in with the microscopic gold crushed and refined from tons of rock. As you can see these facts alone make gold nugget jewelry rare and very valuable. If you have any questions please e-mail us at "info@goldpanjewelry.com" Our location is Smithfield N.C. Phone/Fax 919-989-9251. For more information make sure you click on kidney disease attorney
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